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Number Pop

? Voted Best Free App of the Day by top-kids-apps.com

Number Pop is a super fun addictive maths game that will test your mental math skills and boost your brain.

  • Improve your observation, focus, concentration and memory.
  • Features 5 Modes of Play and 3 Difficulty Levels.
  • Includes High Definition Graphics.
  • Suitable for phone or tablet.
  • Earn stars as you improve your math skills over more than 80 levels.
  • Each game mode has: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Levels.

Game Modes:
Arcade – Try to beat your best time and earn more stars by popping the bubbles to answer the math questions.
Equations – The answer is given to you. You must pop the bubbles to make the equation that matches the answer.
Sequence – Pop the bubbles in order from lowest to highest, or vice versa depending on the mode.
Times Table – Great for kids to help them learn their times tables. Choose your times table and try to beat your best time.
Timed – You have 60 seconds to answer as many maths questions as possible.

Difficulty Levels:
Easy – Great for kids, or if you want to brush up on your mental math.
Medium – Provides more of a challenge and gives your brain a good mental workout. There are more bubbles as well to make it that bit more challenging.
Hard – This mode is not for the faint hearted. Even more bubbles than medium mode and even tougher maths questions.