Deflect is a unique chillout puzzle game with lasers.


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Deflect is a puzzle game with lasers, mirrors, splitters, portals and filters.

Drag and rotate the blocks to deflect the laser beams path to turn on all the lights.

Use mirrors to reflect the laser beam.
Use Splitters to split the laser beam in 2.? 50% will reflect.? 50% will go straight through.
Use filters to change the color of the laser light.
Enter portals to teleport the laser to the other portal.


  • 60 levels ranging from easy to hard.? 15 levels available in the Lite version.
  • Over 20 psychedelic animated backgrounds.
  • 6 chillout groove music tracks.
  • HD graphics for high end devices like the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ and iPad4 .
  • Post your progress to Facebook.