Let your child’s imagination run wild with Create a Scene.


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create a scene

Create a Scene allows your child to easily create an infinite number of beautiful scenes using a very easy to use interface.

Whether it’s a mass space battle, playing at the beach, a day at the farm or designing their bedroom, Create a Scene will allow your kid to express their imagination with amazing results.

Simply select a background scene to begin.? Then select an image from over 320 available.? You can then simply drag it into position, then re-size it, rotate it, or change its brightness using the 3 slider controls.

You can also copy that image, keeping its size, rotation and brightness intact, flip it, send it to the back/front of the scene or bin it.

Keep adding images to build up your scene until you create your masterpiece, then save your amazing creations to your device.

Some examples of the images available:? Toys, Dolls, Clouds, Suns, Rain, Spaceships, Planets, Birds, Butterflies, Animals, Fish, Balloons, Planes, Rainbows, Boats, Trees, Flowers, People, Houses, Cars, Tractors, Crops, Tables, Sofas, Balls and a whole lot more.

The screenshots are only a small taste of what you can create.


  • 8 Scenes.? Space, Sky, Beach, Field, Sea, Safari, Street, Room.
  • Over 320 images to choose from.
  • Save finished scenes to device.? You can then use your fabulous creations as a wallpaper, print or send to social networks etc.