Corona CloudIn the last week CoronaLabs have launched their long awaited backend as a service for mobile app developers called Corona Cloud.

We are currently updating Number Pop to include both News and Leaderboards for our next update with more updates to follow.

You can create a new unique Corona ID, that can be used in all Corona Cloud games, or sign in using FaceBook.

What’s perfect about Corona Cloud is that it is Cross Platform.? So you will be able to compete against Apple, Android, Kindle and Nook users.

So it doesn’t matter if your friends have iphones and you have a Samsung Galaxy.

We are very excited about Corona Cloud as it takes away the barriers of designing online multiplayer social games.? We cannot wait to put some of our ideas into practice and get them out there.

Also,? you don’t need to be a Corona developer to use Corona Cloud.

Here are some of the fantastic features of Corona Cloud:

User accounts and authentication

Allow your users to create accounts, authenticate and manage their profiles and friends. You can use Facebook or Corona Cloud accounts.

All Corona Cloud tiers have unlimited user accounts.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Make your games even more fun ? let players unlock achievements and compete via leaderboards. You can set them up with only a few mouse clicks.

As with user accounts, Corona Cloud gives you unlimited leaderboards and achievements in all tiers.


Supercharge your game?s virality by enabling your users to play against their friends! Turn-based multiplayer is available now, and real-time is coming very soon.

Push Notifications

Communicate regularly with your users and send them the right messages. If you are serious about keeping your audience and growing their engagement, there is no better tool than push notifications.

Corona Cloud lets you segment your users and target them more effectively.

Social Connect

Build your audience by letting your users invite their friends and followers and posting to Facebook or Twitter. You?ll make your app social in record time.

Cloud Sync

Enable the ultimate cross-platform and cross-device experience by using our Cloud Sync functionality. Your users can start on one device and pick up where they left off anywhere else. You just need to add an extra line of code or two.


Add an extra element of fun by letting your users talk with each other in real time. Even the most social game is not complete without chat among friends.


Send announcements to your users, keep them up to date, engaged and build a loyal audience.


Keep track of everything that happens in your app ? we automatically capture data on cloud API usage, and also enable you to submit any custom events to our cloud and review the data in our portal.


Whew,? that’s one hell of a package.