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LinkWords is a fun yet challenging word search game that will test and train your brain.

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All words on each level are linked together by a common theme.

Swipe your finger across each letter: Up, down, left, right or diagonally to form the correct words associated with each theme.

Starts off easy, gets more challenging as you progress.  Puzzles range from 2×2 grids up to 8×8 grids. Can you get to the end?

Customise LinkWords to look and sound the way you want it with 60 un-lockable items, including new color schemes, musical instruments and background effects.

Tip:  Try to solve the words in the correct order for the best chance of success.


  • Create and share your own unique levels with friends and family.
  • Earn bonus coins by completing our daily challenges.
  • Various hints are available including: Reveal letter, reveal word and reveal all letters.
  • Ask for help via Facebook, Twitter and email if you get stuck.
  • Earn 10x bonus coins for completing every tenth level.

You might find it impossible to continue in certain situations.  Press reset and try to form the words using a different path.  All levels are solvable.  It’s all part of the challenge.  Good luck.


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