Create a Scene

Create a Scene – new update coming very soon

create a sceneThe new update will have some beautiful music created by Alexander Blu, as well as some performance enhancements.

There will also be a new page highlighting our other apps, including Number Pop and Word Pop.

Many thanks go out to Alexander for this fine piece of work.  It fits perfectly with the game.

Future updates will have even more stickers to play with on top of the 320 already available.

We have also added a demonstration video on our main Create a Scene Page, so you can see how easy it is to use and come up with some amazing scenes.



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Create a Scene Free is now available on Google Play

create a scene

The free version of Create a Scene has one of the eight background scenes available, namely the ‘Sea’ Scene and 40 of the 320 images.

These forty images contain some of the following items.

Fish, octopus, dolphin, whale, shark, seahorse, squid, sea turtle, anemone, shell. crab, seaweed, anchor, shipwreck, treasure, bubble, diver.

No advertisements for your young ones to accidentally click on.

Google Play

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Create a Scene has just launched on Google Play

create a scene

Now available on Google Play.  Coming soon for the App Store, Amazon App Store, Samsung App Store and the Nook App Store

Let your child’s imagination run wild with Create a Scene.

Create a Scene allows your child to easily create an infinite number of beautiful scenes using a very easy to use interface.

Over 320 Images available over 8 scenes.  You can read more info on our Create a Scene page.

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